C-Tech Innovation is one of the UK’s most successful research, technology and innovation organisations. With clients across the globe in multiple sectors, we are focused on delivering outstanding solutions helping them to maximise their potential for success.

How we work

We believe that the key to successful product and process innovation is to embed a culture of creative and innovative thinking. We apply multidisciplinary teams with diverse styles to the varied challenges that are presented to us, enabling some truly unique solutions to be realised. Our workforce is highly qualified, skilled and diverse – one which thrives on new and unique opportunities.

Dr Domenico Cupertino – Project Manager – is a chemist and materials scientist with a broad background in technology development. He has extensive R&D experience in chemistry and catalysis and has worked nanoparticle systems. Dom will participate in WP7 – prototype and validation and lead C-Tech Innovation’s input to develop a mock thermocell.


Edward Jones – R&D Manager – is a project manager at C-Tech with a Master’s in Chemistry. Edward has experience of managing and participating in EU funded projects. Edward will lead the dissemination, exploitation and training work package (WP8).


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