Deliverable name Work package Lead partner Delivery date
D1.1 Project Management Plan 1 CEA M2
D8.1 Website_public 8 CTECH M2
D8.2 Data Management Plan 8 CEA M6
Mock up Thermocell 7 CTECH M12
Numerical codes (single MNPs/FF) 6 NCSRD M24
Synthesis of ‘promising’ ILs (1st and 2nd generations) 2 SOLV M24
Database on ‘molecular descriptors’ for IL and IL-FFs 6 GUT M30
High temperature MTD measurements 4 PHNX M15
Synthesis of ‘promising’ IL- FFs 3 CNR M30
Feasibility analysis for ICE prototype 7 GEM M24
Database on MTE generation performance for various IL-FFs 5 CEA M30
Database on MTD property in IL-FFs 4 PHNX M30
Database on TCS performance for various IL-FFs’ 5 CEA M30
Workshop/Technical day 8 CTECH M30
Demonstration Prototype 7 CTECH M36
Micro-TE Prototype 7 HES-SO M36
Analytical model on TE and TD effects 6 NCSRD M36
Technology showcase 8 CTECH M48
Scale up IL production 2 SOLV M40
Novel IL-FF synthesis protocols 3 CNR M42
Prototype for ICE cars 7 CRF M42
Public engagement actions (Open days, popular lectures, etc.) 8 CNR As needed