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HESSO publish video

HESSO publish video - Discover the MAGENTA project that will offer novel liquid thermoelectric materials that are versatile, cost-effective and non-toxic to assist the economically and environmentally sustainable energy transition in Europe.

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Conference on Modern Concepts and New Materials for Thermo-Electricity

MAGENTA to take part and co-sponsor in the Conference on Modern Concepts and New Materials for Thermo-Electricity. This is an advanced 5-days conference with 5-6 tutorial lectures given by the experts in the field: interested candidates may wish to learn that online application will be enabled at a later stage. The purpose of this Conference is [...]

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Postdoc/Research Engineer Position – CEA, France

We invite applications from recent PhD’s and experienced engineers with electrochemistry or physical chemistry background to investigate various aspects of thermo-electrochemical (liquid) cell development. The position is part of a European research project MAGENTA to develop novel thermo-electrochemical technology based on ionic-liquid based ferrofluids* for waste-heat recovery applications. Please see article here

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Fête de la Science (Science Fest)

MAGENTA (CEA) will be at the Fête de la Science organized by Ile de Science-Paris Saclay on October 12-13-14, 2018. (www.iledescience.org/fete_de_la_science.html) Come and enjoy fun experiments on ‘thermoelectricty,’ ‘ferrofluids,’ ‘magnetism’ and much more. A detailed program of the event will be available in due time on the Ile de Science website.

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Confirmed! MAGENTA will co-host “Conference on Modern Concepts and New Materials for Thermoelectricity”

Confirmed! MAGENTA will co-host “Conference on Modern Concepts and New Materials for Thermoelectricity” at the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (in Trieste, Italy in 2019. This is a 5-day conference dedicated to bringing together experts in fundamentals of thermoelectricity as well as those of materials science and applications. The official announcement will follow [...]

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First Open Access Journals Published

The Magenta consortium is delighted to announce the first open access journals have been published by members of the consortium. The team at HES-SO have published: Thermoelectric Generators Based on Ionic Liquids and The team at CEA and CNRS have published: Thermoelectricity and Thermodiffusion in Magnetic Nanofluids: Entropic Analysis

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