SOLVIONIC is a SME expert in the design, synthesis, production and commercialization of Ionic Liquids (ILs). Expertise has been developed in order to maintain high quality of the products while scaling-up production. Batch production and continuous flow processes are both considered for industrial scale production.

Solvionic is also intensively working in the synthesis of new materials based on ILs as part of the components, as a solvent and/or template in reactions and processes which leads to new materials having specific properties. Our two main activities are then (1) ionic liquids production and (2) R&D on new materials and processes using ionic liquids. We offer the project our expertise such as the selection, the design, the synthesis and the characterizations of ILs and will collaborate heavily with partners ensuring our products will have the required properties.

Sébastien Fantini R&D Manager. He completed a PhD on supercapacitors. He is in charge of R&D projects on electrochemistry and new materials in Solvionic since 2006. He is project leader for Solvionic of EUROLIS (FP7-GC-NMP n°314515) and INFLUENCE (FP7-ENERGY n°608621) related to Li-Sulfur and redox-flow batteries respectively.

Sandrine Loïs R&D Engineer. She completed a PhD on organic chemistry and is expert in the synthesis of custom-made ionic liquids for new applications in Solvionic since 2008. She is project leader for Solvionic of INTERACT (FP7-ENERGY n° 608535) and COLABATS (FP7-ENV n° 603482) for which new ionic liquids are synthesized.

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